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Membership for 24/25 Season

Sorry there are no permits left for 24/25.  They have all been sold.

General Application Process

Bainton Fisheries does not run a waiting list, please do not contact the fishery owner asking to be put on a waiting list.  What follows is the process to renew or acquire membership.

Bainton Fisheries is a fixed number membership Syndicate, therefore it requires existing members to leave before new members can be offered a ticket.  During the renewal process existing members can also change their ticket type and also sponsor new members. 

Between the 1st April until 30th April each year existing members are invited to renew their membership.  This is done electronically via email and an online membership database.  This will also require photo ID to be uploaded during that process which is then included in a membership card. 

The renewal and recruitment process will follow this priority order:- 

  1. Existing members will get an email on the 1st April, inviting them to renew their membership online with a deadline of 30th April to renew and pay.
  2. Existing members can also apply to change their membership type, i.e. from 24 hours to dawn til dusk, or from non-fishing to fishing.  In 2023 a new “sleeper” ticket was introduced, which holds a syndicate place for 12 months for an angler which a fishing member can downgrade from.  They can then upgrade back from this ticket 12 months later when their renewal is emailed out or choose to have their membership lapse or buy a non fishing ticket.  Non fishing tickets are just that and not a way of acquiring a fishing ticket.
  3. By 1st May each year the fishery owner will know how many spare places are available and will then adjust the membership in the following order within the fixed number of permits issued.
  • Existing members changing permit type (Fishing and Sleeper Ticket)
  • Sponsored members
  • New applications from non-sponsored potential members received after the renewal date. (note, some years this is not possible as sponsored members take all the spare places)

For information. Prices for 2024-25 are as follows:-

24 Hours Ticket – £630.00

Dawn til Dusk – £355.00

Sleeper Ticket – £100.00 (Max 12 months)

Non Fishing Permit £25.00

New Members will also need to place a refundable deposit of £50 for a fishery key, the deposit will be refunded at the end of membership and return of key.  Please add this cost to the above prices.


From the 1st April 2024 existing members can renew their membership during April via the renewal database.  Details can also be updated such as address, email, mobile and photo ID to ensure accurate communication between the fishery and members and avoid membership lapse.

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