2005 Members Newsletter

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2005 Members Newsletter

Welcome to the fifth Bainton Fisheries Newsletter, which is designed to keep you informed about the Fishery, in terms of news during the last season and some up and coming events and issues.

Membership 2004 – 2005 There continues to be significant demand for permits on the complex. New members will only be accepted in place of existing members who do not renew by the deadline. Membership numbers will be fixed again for the coming season. Most of the operating profits have been spent on fish stocking, swim building materials, a few tools and admin costs (e.g. Stamps/Printing etc). A small underspend has developed due to the lease on the Grid Pit not being invoiced as expected, which will be used to offset the 2005-6 season 5% increase in the main complex lease.

Stockings News In 2004-5 two stockings were managed. If members know of lake owners who would be interested in selling fish to Bainton Fisheries then please pass their details to me. As agreed at the 2004 members meeting supplies of Bream or Tench were to be sought for stocking for pleasure anglers. To summarise the 2004 – 2005 additions:- · In November 2004, 330lb of Bream in the 3-5lb range were purchased and stocked into the Stock Pond. These fish were uncaught fish having been removed from Abbey Park Boating Pool in Leicester. · In January 2005, 35 Carp up to 3lb were also stocked into the Stock pond, these were from a small lake at St Crispins Hospital, Northampton.

Fishery Maintenance and Development Three working parties were held in 2004, this year attendance was up on 2003, but a few more hands would have been appreciated. New swims were created along the West bank of the L shape, the Grid Pit was developed and swims made more usable along the back of the Match Pit.

Working party dates This year there will be working parties as follows:-

Sunday 24th April from 9am – Orchid Lake.

This will involve building four platforms. So chest waders, battery drills with screwdriver bits, socket sets and sledge hammers are particularly useful.

Sunday 15th May from 9am – Stock Pond, New Pit

This will involve cutting out steps down to the bank, spares shovels, wheel barrows, sledgehammers etc.

In terms of arranging a plan of action for the working party days I would be grateful if members could either e-mail or ring me before hand to say they are coming. This will enable me to plan the tasks ahead for the day. Grid Pit Saga

Members will recall that fishing rights were negotiated for the 2004-5 Season for the Grid Pit from an agent acting on the behalf on National Grid. After persistent reminders to send through the lease document and invoice we were finally informed that National Grid had changed their mind and would not now be letting the fishing rights to any organisiation. It is presumed that this was due to issues of liability with regards to proximity of the power cables. This was late in 2004 after the best part of the season had been enjoyed on the pond. It is my understanding that no one will be granted fishing rights nor will the water be bailiffed.

Feedback from Members Meeting

The fifth members’ meeting was held at the Millstone Pub, Barnack on 12th April. This had a very good turn out with about 60 members. The main items discussed: –

· Concern about the level of cormorants was discussed; in September 2004 new rules concerning the control of these birds came into force. It was agreed that English Nature would be contacted with a view to understanding if a licence would be granted.

· Members raised the issue of some swims being enlarged beyond their original size, which was well beyond modest gardening maintenance. It was agreed that permission should be sought from Bainton Fisheries before any major surgery was attempted. If in doubt, don’t do it!

· It was agreed that the L shape lake was the major concern for the 2005-6 season with regards to stocking. · It was agreed that the rules would be amended to ensure that anglers ensured that their rods were spaced out as per EA regulations, i.e. no more than 3 metres between them in total.

· It was announced that a bailiff would be appointed with immediate effect to ensure that recent concerns about the fishery were countered and ensure that rules were adhered to. Mr Andy Nutt had been offered and accepted the post. Mr Nutt would also be responsible for vermin control on the site as the previous incumbent was unable to fulfil this task anymore.

· The increasing litter problem was discussed, it was hoped that regular bailiffing would help to identify and ban the culprits from the fishery.

· It was agreed that the rules would change to make each angler responsible for litter in their swim, to ensure that all swims were clean before fishing and left clean, regardless of the origin.

· It was noted that there seemed to be a trend with some of the newer members to bend some of the rules, it was felt that minor breaches would be dealt with a “yellow card” warning in writing from Bainton Fisheries, a subsequent breach would result in a ban.

· It was anticipated that Car Stickers would now carry the membership number and permit type, to allow cars to be cross referenced to anglers and assist bailiffing.

· It was agreed that all renewals must be sent in by 24th May, (this means to return to the renewal address to arrive no late than first post on the 24th May), after this date, membership will have lapsed.

· After May 24th anglers who applied to join would be given a ticket for Bainton Fisheries in time for June 16th. · It was agreed to change the key pattern for the fishery as the pattern had been in circulation for 5 years, the cost of this would be added to the season ticket for 2005-6. The padlock will be changed at 4.00pm on June 15th. Members who do not wish to renew must exit the site before then.

· It was agreed that a sign warning of blue/green algae would be erected to deter dog owners from letting their dogs swim. · A replacement sign would be erected on the gate stating that it was a private fishery and that unauthorised access was not permitted.

· It was agreed that the litter rule would be extended to cover human and dog waste, ensuring that it was removed from the fishery.

· The possibility to move the access road to the South of the Weigh Bridge was discussed and further investigation would take place to see if this was possible with LeFage. This would reduce through traffic along the South Bank of the new pit which can disturb the fishing, especially late at night.

· Minor works were also identified, one of the match pit platforms needs repairing, the main gate needs adjusting on it’s hinges, a style needs replacing on the big pit and limiting car access to the NE corner of the New Pit would also be looked at.

· The extra costs associated with key changes and bailiffing necessitating new charges for the 2005-6 season.

The following prices were agreed. Non-fishing Permit: – £19.50 Dawn to Dusk Permit: – £52.50 24-Hour Permit: – £97.50

Charity Fish-in It was noted that no Charity Match had taken place in 2004, the matter was discussed and the possibility of having a “any species” match in the early autumn which would be considered.

And Finally Without all your support and effort running this fishery would be an impossible task. Please think as it as much as yours as mine. Hopefully you get out more from it than just a days fishing, I hope you feel included and consulted and feel that you are making a contribution into shaping the ways things develop. I still think that things are getting better although I have been a little disappointed this year with some members attitude to the fishery. Remember the Bainton Philosophy is for conservation minded anglers who care about the environment they fish in.

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time