2004 Members Newsletter

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2004 Members Newsletter

Welcome to the fourth Bainton Fisheries Newsletter, which is designed to keep you informed about the Fishery, in terms of news during the last season and some up and coming events and issues.

Membership 2003 – 2004 Membership has remained static at 170 members, with a split between 90 night permits and 80 day permits. There is still significant latent demand for permits on the complex, no new angling permits have been issued since the beginning of the 2003 season. Again an operating profit for the year came to just over £4000 for the year. Most of which was spent on stock, swim building materials and admin costs (e.g. Stamps/Printing etc)

Stockings News

In 2003-2004 two stockings were managed. If members know of lake owners who would be interested in selling fish to Bainton Fisheries then please pass their details to me. As agreed at the 2003 members meeting supplies of Bream or Tench were to be sought for stocking for pleasure anglers. To summarise the 2003 – 2004 additions:- · In September 2003, 39 Bream averaging 7lb each (5-9lb range) were purchased and stocked into the Bailey Bridge Pit. These fish were uncaught fish having been removed from a water supply reservoir in the Trent Valley. · In December 2003, 60 Bream in the 7-10 bracket were stocked in the Bailey Bridge Pit. This now brings the stock up to 99 bream in this lake. They were from the A1 pits in Newark, which were being drained to thin out the bream in one of their carp lakes.

Total expenditure on stock and nettings for 2003-4 came to just under £3000

Fishery Maintenance and Development

Two working parties were held in 2003 and about a dozen people out of 170 members attended. The first was held on the Bailey bridge pit to create swims along the carp lake wall using plastic pilings and the second was meant to be a general tidy up session. But so few turned up we could only work on one swim on the L shape. This level of attendance was disappointing.

Hot-housing the Orchid.

This is worth a mention again. Just to recap. The idea two years ago was to artificially fertilise the Orchid pit with phosphate to attempt to create a pea green algal bloom in late spring. It was hoped this would trigger a bloom in small water creatures such as Daphnia hopefully leading to a bumper crop of food for rudd and tench fry to feed on in the early summer. Actually it lead to a bumper crop of pea snails and weed. However the rudd seem to be doing very well in terms of quantity and size and there has been a very good tench spawning two years running with large amounts of fingerling tench surviving. I think the weed is actually having an affect on Cormorant Predation

Working party dates

This year there will be working parties as follows:-

Sunday 18th April from 9am – Orchid and L Shape.

Sunday 2nd May from 9am – Big Pit, Stock Pond and Match Lake.

Sunday 16th May from 9am – National Grid Pit

In terms of arranging a plan of action for the working party days I would be grateful if members could either e-mail or ring me before hand to say they are coming. This will enable me to plan the tasks ahead for the day. Items that are particularly valued for working parties are chest waders, bow saws, loppers, wheelbarrows, petrol chainsaws or strimmers, spades, pickaxes and if people have access to 4x4s, trailers or even a JCB it can make light work for all. There may be opportunities for netting parties during 2004 to transfer fish into Bainton. These are usually within an hour’s driving radius of Bainton and are extremely hard work, but rewarding nether the less. Chest waders and a strong back are essential. No dates as yet have been set but if you would like to register for a netting party then please let me know.

Feedback from Members Meeting

·The stocking level of small carp in the carp lake was the biggest concern, it was resolved to try and increase predator loading in this lake. · The Stock Pond will also need additional fish, pleasure fishing species will be sought · It was announced that subject to contract that the National Grid pit had been acquired for sole use by members of Bainton. However this water would need significant work to develop during the working party. · The lease for the complex had been extended by 5 years, however the price would increase by 17.5% and be pegged to 5% per annum increase. · It was agreed by vote than rather than increase membership numbers permits would increase in cost to cover the lease and the cost of the additional water. Dawn to Dusk at £45.00 per annum and 24 Hour at £90.00 per annum. · It was agreed that all renewals must be in by mid May, (this means to return to the renewal address to arrive no late than first post on the 18th May), after this date, membership will have lapsed. · An upper limit on anglers for the complex stayed at 170, of which no more than 90 would be allowed to have a 24-hour ticket. · After May 18th anglers who applied to join would be given a ticket for Bainton Fisheries in time for June 16th. · It was noted that an annual redressing of the road would be pursued with LeFage. · The was a plea for building materials for swims, telegraph poles were suggested as an alternative to railway sleepers, and old scaffold poles are also sought. · It was agreed that the car sticker would have the reference to a fishery removed, but members were reminded that they should display it at all times and remember to change the sticker when they changed car.

The following rules were changed.

· Rule 1 – to specify that no fish over 5lb should be held in a keepnet. · Rule 12 – The add to the rule that Bait boats are permitted but they must also not place a bait in such a position to lose fish or tackle · Rule 23 To ban the use of fishing rods or poles over 13 feet long with 30 metres of Electricity Cables. · New Rule – Rule 28, a maximum speed limit of 10 miles an hour to be observed on the site.

· Litter again was discussed, it was confirmed that no litter was to be tolerated and that anyone found littering would be banned for life from Bainton Fisheries.

Charity Pike Fish-in Just a quick note to say that 110 pounds was raised for Second Chance Children’s Charity by members of Bainton Fisheries at the annual Pike Fish In. So a big Thank you to all those who took part.

And Finally

Without all your support and effort running this fishery would be an impossible task. Please think as it as much as yours as mine. Hopefully you get out more from it than just a days fishing, I hope you feel included and consulted and feel that you are making a contribution into shaping the ways things develop. Things can only get better but there is still a long way to go.

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time