6th October 2001 Catfish Stocking

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6th October 2001 Catfish Stocking

As some of you will know the Match pit is licensed to hold 20 catfish until the MAFF ILFA scheme.  Last year 7 were stocked at about 3lb and now an additional 13 licensed fish have been introduced.  These fish are between 4 and 5 1/2 pounds.

After spending 4 hours netting a lake the cats are driven to the weigh station by a snowmobile.  Never seen one up close before, only has a 1500 cc engine.

Bags of Cats waiting to be stocked on the Match Pit.  Just like buying goldfish really.  If you put them in a tank all together they chew each others whiskers off!

One of the new recruits.    5lb 4oz. Should make 10lb in two years.  Two more stocking due in October.

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