About Us

A complex of 8 lakes a few miles East of Stamford, on the Cambridgeshire/Lincolnshire borders in the Welland Valley. These lakes all have different characters and a variety of species for the pleasure or specialist angler.

Bainton Fisheries is a Syndicate Fishery, there are no day tickets issued to the public.  Joining Bainton fisheries is possible however, please see the Join Us page.

Major species present include Carp to 51lb+, Pike to 32lb+, Tench to 12lbs, Bream to 13lbs, Rudd to 3.5lbs and Perch to over 3lbs. Other species include Crucian Carp, Catfish and Eels.

The philosophy of Bainton Fisheries is a non-profit making regime, where any profits will be ploughed back into fish stocks, equipment and maintenance. What you are buying into is an investment in the future of a fishery that has developed into a quality fishery and will continue to do so with your continued support. Bainton Fisheries works very closely with conservation and government agencies to maximise the benefits to wildlife and anglers alike.

There is an annual meeting where member’s views are canvassed and listened to and suggestions for improvement fed back. An end of season newsletter is also produced. An active Facebook closed group also exists for members to share captures and arrange meetings.

This fishery has been under new management since June 16th 2000 and permits water will be offered to conservation minded anglers who care about the environment they fish in, care about their fish and care about the fauna and flora around them.

The vast majority of the fishery is accessible by car, swims tend to be built for comfort and safety to take account of cars and bivvys and also remove hazards especially at night.

Permits to fish are issued annually running from 16th June – 15th June the following season and every year total numbers on the lake are limited to ensure that the complex does not become pressurised.

The fishery is secured by an Otter Fence to protect the stock of Bainton Fisheries from predation.

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time